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Canadian Widow Maker

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At a Glance
Widowmaker has yet to stop improving drastically since his wrestling debut in 2001 as Duke MacIsaac,Trained by Kowboy Mike Hughes and Kingman, Duke fast became one of the top wrestlers in the Maritimes, and he only keeps getting better. Duke calls Cape Breton island home, and does the island proud each and every time he steps into the ring and as the Cananadian Widowmaker wrestling in th UK, he continues to wow the crowd.

Height: 6ft 4ins

Weight: 253lbs

Nationality? Canadian

How long Have you been a wrestler? 7 Years

Where did you learn? Kardinal Sinners Wrestling School

Who taught you? Brody Steele and Hangman Huges

Countries visited as a wrestler? USA, Canada and the UK

Titles to date? ECPW Heavyweight Championship and PWU Heavyweight Championship

Best match to date? My next one

Favourite opponent? Wildman Gary Williams

Biggest infulence on your career? Brody Steele

Whats the last thing you do before going to bed at night? Eat

Favourite music? Rock n Roll mostly

Favourite movie? movies

Favourite Actor/Actress? Jackie Chan / Jamie Presley

Favourite food? Steak and eggs

Favourite Country? Canada

Hobbies? The gym, wrestling, eating, cooking, music and reading

What are your plans for the future in wrestling? To travel the world and develop different styles

What changes would you like to see in wrestling? More wrestlers training in the gym to look passable

What is your favourite finishing move? Spin out DDT

Your Quote for the day? I'm not as think as u dumb I am